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The home page of the site, which introduces our organisation and some of the services we offer.


A comprehensive list of the services we offer.

About Us

Information on our history, mission & vision, along with an introduction to our team.

Contact Us

Here you can find multiple ways to get in touch with us.

Services Pages

Counselling Service

Details on our confidential & discreet counselling service.

Residential Recovery

Coming Soon

Alcoholism Test

A test you can take to find out if you have an addiction.

Classes & Courses

Find out what classes and courses we are running now, including opening times and locations.

Sexual Addiction

Information on sexual addiction, also known as sexual compulsion and sexual dependancy.

What is Addiction?

A page that explains what constitutes an addiction and gives details on some of the common substances that people become addicted to.

Withdrawal Help

Information and help with withdrawal.

12 Step Training

This page informs you on how we can train your team to run your own 12 Step Classes.


This page offers details on how your organisation can become a partner with ours.  You can also find details of our current partners, make a donation or sign up to our payroll giving scheme here.

More Pages


Here you can shop for books, training aids coming soon  

'Am I a Sex Addict' Test

Take a test and find out if you have a sexual addiction.

Clients' Stories

Comments and testimonials from addicts that we've helped.